Volunteer Reception/Games Day -  2017
On Saturday November 11, 2017 we had our volunteer reception followed by a games evening.  The volunteer
reception included all people that volunteered for the Jamaican Ottawa Community Association as well as our
2017 sponsors.

The volunteers were given medals and our sponsors were given certificates.  There was a meal provided as well
as cake for dessert.  We also had some door prizes.  This opportunity gave us not only a chance to appreciate
our volunteers and sponsors but also put a face to the names of our sponsors who have been supporting us for

Once the reception was over, we went right into a games evening.  We had people playing dominoes, Trouble,
Frustration and cards.  We had ongoing music and people were dancing.  We had other seniors join us for the
games evening who were not at the volunteer reception.  It was an eventful evening.  We had around 40 people
for the games part alone.