Seniors "Late Breakfast" -  2017
On August 26, 2017 this seniors event was held at 400 McAuthur from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm.  There were over
82 persons in attendance with most been seniors. Bishop Trevor Hall from Worship and Restoration Ministries
opened up in prayer.

Food was served promptly catered by Island Catering. Carol entertained the crowd with Jamaican proverbs and
riddles. The attendance was great and their taste buds were tantalized by; Ackee & Saltfish, fried dumpling,
saltfish, callaloo, eggs, pancakes and sausages. Tea, juice,coffee, banana bread and fruits was also enjoyed by

We had some very interesting presentations done by our seniors. Let’s just mention that Miss Lou came alive in
the room when Ms. Adlin Bruce took us through the letters of the alphabet; we went to church with the
“Overcomers seniors group from the Ottawa Church of God; oh! and then Mrs. Walker took us down memory lane
with the Queen’s poem. And laughter galore when Miss Mable spoke about people who chat too much.

The purpose of this event was to bring out seniors who would generally not come out regularly and to encourage
interaction with other seniors in our community. This was definitely accomplished by the attendance of so many
who were first timers and some whom we have not seen in a while.  Food that was not eaten was taken to the
homeless shelter on Waller and Daly street.

Our wonderful volunteers out-did themselves; special thanks goes out to Joanne and Myra for all the preparation
they put in to support me in the planning. Ms. Jennifer Dennis and Madam President Judith was on hand and
helped where they were needed.

Volunteers: Ms. Tara, Latoya, Adriana, Shante, Tay, Kevin, George and Taysia were all helpful.