Jamday 2016
On behalf of the Jamaican (Ottawa) Community
Association Inc., we would like to thank all the
people who came out and supported our jamday
2016 event at Mooney's Bay on August 6, 2016.

We would also like to thank all the sponsors and
volunteers who believed in this event and assisted
us with their contributions.  The Independence
Church Service held on August 7th was well
received by the community.  

The association continually appreciates your
support and we look forward to seeing you again for
all aspects of Jamday 2017!
Jamday 2016 Lottery Winners
Third Prize
Second Prize
First Prize
First prize goes to Kaywana
!  Congratulations
on winning the $1000.00
Travel Voucher!
Second prize goes to Wilfred
!  Congratulations on
winning the Via Rail Voucher!
Third prize goes to Esmie
!  Congratulations on
winning the weekend stay at
the Marriott Hotel!
Jamday 2016 - Memories and Fun Times
The following images have been provided by Joan Wright