Next Membership Meeting: December 3rd, 2017, 400 McArthur Avenue at 3:00pm
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Did you know?

The following people have won our Jamday Lottery!
First Prize (Via rail Trip - Ticket #1466): D. Clayton

Second Prize (Trip for 2 to Jamaica - Ticket #2972): E.

Third Prize (Hilton Garden Hotel Weekend Stay - Ticket
#0995): J. Morton

We also have commemorative $20.00  T-Shirts on sale!  
Assorted sizes are available.  For more information,

Activities for Seniors
Did you know?  

J(O)CA is starting a new program with the aim of helping seniors and older
adults be more involved in new activities!  The goal of this club is to encourage
seniors and older adults to really get involved in more extra-curricular type
activities such as Canada 150 celebrations.  The Activities for Seniors project
is funded in part by the Government of Canada.